Rome. Food, Mostly.

Rome was our next stop on our European journey. We booked flights on Easyjet from Paris and got to Rome in about an hour. From the airport, we took the train towards the city to get to our lodging.

At the train station

At the train station

We booked Domus Appia Antica via, a bed and breakfast which is a bit far from the city center but the rates were really cheap (cheaper than the hostels in Rome city center) and the place was like having our own house since there were no other guests at that time.

The family room that we booked was in the basement of the house and we were all surprised at the size of the room. It was like an entire house by itself!

After settling in and resting for a bit, we decided to head out to eat. It was already around 6pm by this time. There were no supermarkets or food stalls within the vicinity of the bed and breakfast so we took the bus (which was covered by the unlimited Rome city pass) towards Piramide and found a quaint little place that served some Italian snacks like pizza, calzone, and other sandwiches. Afterwards, we found a convenience store and bought some snacks for breakfast the next day.


The next day, we went on our official tour of Rome. We took the train towards Rome city center, and once we got there we found a restaurant that served a full course (appetizer, main course, dessert/drinks) Italian meal for only €10. It was a “splurge” for the likes of us but we figured it was worth it because Italy is known for its great food, after all.



We were supposed to join the free walking tour of Rome, but again, we lost track of time and wasn’t able to make the meeting place on time so we decided to tour the city by ourselves.

We got to Vatican City by following the crowds. There were so many tourists despite the cold weather, so by summer season I’m sure the crowds would have swelled to Baclaran proportions. We visited St. Peter’s Square and Basilica but I missed out on the Sistine chapel because the lines were too long.


After Vatican City, we went to Rome proper and toured the usual tourist sights.

The next day we visited Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and the Spanish steps.







And in between, we ate. A lot.

I enjoyed the food in Rome more than I did the sights. The prices were reasonable and the tastes were great. I would love to go back to Rome just for the food alone.


11 thoughts on “Rome. Food, Mostly.

    • Hi. I would probably exclude Switzerland, not because I didn’t like it there but because it was pretty expensive compared to other countries. We only went there because we had a host, but if you’ll be staying there on your own then it won’t be ideal if you are on a budget.


  1. Hi Nina. Sorry andami kong tanong.. Im following kasi your iti…ide like to book na sana my flight from Paris to Rome. When I checked, handaming airport! ano airport ba kinuha nyo going to Rome? Salamat!


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